Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Charles Hotel Munich Specials

Road Tour Through Germany
For many, a dream destination might not simply be a beautiful hotel in a spectacular city, but an open road and a very chic car.  In Europe this idea has taken shape and become a reality.  A tour across Germany does not have to mean a ride on a bus filled with retired folks and ungrateful teenagers, it can be about melting into high-end leather seats, feeling a massive engine roar to life and having either your best friend or significant other by your side.  Sound to good to be true?  It's not.     

The Charles Hotel Munich
This tour starts at the doors of the iconic Charles Hotel Munich in spectacular Munich, Germany.  Known to be a hotel rich in amenities as well as service.  A stay here will showcase bright and open rooms, access to lovely botanical gardens, prime location in the heart of the city and so much more.  But don't fall in love too fast with this amazing hotel, because if you choose to procure this driving tour, you won't be in one place very long.  Starting in Munich, tour guests will select from vehicles such as a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 485 Spider or a Porsche Carrera 911, and head out on an amazing journey that includes a stop at Stuttgart's Mercedes-Benz Museum and then continues into Frankfurt and Berlin.  The tour ends at the gorgeous and historic Hotel de Rome.  Whatever time of year you find yourself in Germany the tour is available.  Just remember in high season the package costs around 4,700 euros per couple which includes four nights of accommodations and a four day rental of a BMW 24 Roadster.  Not a bad deal for the experience of feeling wind in your hair and hitting the open road.        

Hotel de Rome in Berlin
There is something that makes your pulse pound and your heart race when you find yourself behind the wheel of a fantastic car.  Thus the reason that this unique tour has taken off and is available to so many all year round.  Driving a luxury sports car through historic streets and visiting interesting sites and cities only adds to the tour's allure.  Let The Charles Hotel Munich get you settled into the fantastic city of Munich before you hit the open road.  It's charm, conveniences and luxury are the perfect start to what might just be the best travel tour of your life.   

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