Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Extended Vacations

Carlisle Bay Antigua
It is often thought that the world we live in is full of workaholics.  People are constantly attached to their smartphones, laptops and in some cases even their office spaces.  The stresses and anxiety of a fast paced world makes it difficult to slow down and take a breather.  But recently an exciting perk has been making a resurgence back into the workplace, the extended vacation. 

St. Regis Punta Mita in Mexico
The two or even three week vacation was once thought only acceptable for students, honeymooners or those lucky enough to have retired with a healthy nest egg.  But today, hard working people are realizing that the extended vacation has a plethora of benefits.  Because we are overworked in the current workforce, it takes longer to unwind and relax.  But, because we do have the ability to be "connected" almost all of the time, everyone from high paid execs to middle class office workers are able to get away without really being absent.  Although this may seem counterproductive, vacation is supposed to get you out of the office and help you recharge, the ability to have a conference call on the beach or handle a client emergency while sipping a fruity cocktail make vacation possible for many.  There are other advantages of taking a longer vacation as well.  If you travel with younger children or elderly parents, the extra time away is helpful.  It gives travelers more time to rest between sites, tours and other plans.  Longer trips also allow tourists to have a deeper experience in the destination of their choice, like taking a painting class in Paris or going on a wine tour in Tuscany.  These things definitely require a bit longer then a 7 day getaway.  Plus let's face it, if you travel any distance, recovering from jet-lag is required.  With a shorter trip, you would miss out on some great opportunities simply trying to catch up on sleep.     

Four Seasons Hotel Florence
These are all great reasons to get away for a bit longer then the standard one week vacation.  WhatAHotel! is a definite proponent of this phenomenon making its way back to the forefront.  We love to assist our customers in finding the best hotels in the best cities that will be sure to create one of the best vacations that they have ever had.  After all, you only live once, so you might as well make sure that this one life is filled with wonder, experiencing new places and cultures and absolutely tons of excitement.  If you still aren't sure your boss would go for the idea of the extended vacation, remember, you can travel with your trusty laptop and smartphone to ensure you are always within reach.  

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