Monday, July 1, 2013

Food Fabulous in Philly

Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia
Traveling equals great food at new and fun places.  Heading to a city or even a country that you have never been to before means that you get to experience a different style of food or at the very least a new twist on an old favorite.  Philadelphia is a city that doesn't "do" every passing food trend, but instead stays true to its roots.  But that doesn't mean that local chefs and fabulous restaurants aren't found here.  Philly is filled with entrepreneurs and free thinking business people that are utilizing local farmers, neighboring community food sources and the fabulous food of the city's past to create a surprising foodie haven.

Sofitel Philadelphia
Outside food chains that normally thrive in big cities, do not do well in Philadelphia.  Instead the large restaurant empires were actually started here.  Koo Zee Doo in a cozy, candlelit restaurant in an artsy neighborhood with an old-world European twist or head to  Kanella that seems to have re-created the Greek resort area of Cyprus with whitewashed walls and Mediterranean travertine floors.  Enjoy the Parisienne flavors of Bistrot La Minette, Cuban classics at Garces Trading Company or enjoy a Philly classic sandwich at Paesano's Philly Style where Italian bolognese lasagna is made into a very memorable sandwich.  So although Philadelphia may be known for it's delicious but touristy cheesesteak sammies, you can see that this city offers foodies a touch of the world with an real American twist.  

Rittenhouse in Philadelphia
Upon arrival in this classic metro area, tourists will find a plethora of hotels that would welcome you.  But traveling should be filled with amazing amenities, top-notch accommodations and exceptional service.  WhatAHotel! is proud to offer up exceptional deals with complimentary perks and benefits that will ensure you feel like you are staying at one of the Best Hotels in Philadelphia.  Stay at the always remarkable Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia where guests will experience contemporary classic style, a fabulous spa and delicious restaurants and the proximity to all of the landmarks and historic sites all guests are dying to see.  Sofitel Philadelpia is a site that blends French elegance with American style in a upscale atmosphere.  Here guests can stay in comfort while enjoying the on-site restaurants and bars that offer a perfect setting for relaxing as well as socializing.  And let's not overlook the one of the finest hotels in Philadelphia, Rittenhouse located in the most prestigious address in the city.  With over 60 years of exceptional customer service, award-winning restaurants, and one of the top five salon and spas in the city, the Rittenhouse is one of the world's finest hotels in a truly remarkable city. 

We all know that Philadelphia is a site with historic landmarks, classic architecture and fabulous restaurants and hotels.  Travel to one of the original cities in America and find out what great food is served at some of the phenomenal restaurants around town.  Philly may not seem like a chic locale with farm fresh food and stylish decor, but one visit will prove that this traditional American city is anything but old-fashioned and dull.                               


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