Monday, July 8, 2013

Illustrious and Imposing Hotels Around the World

The Breakers Palm Beach
All over the world beautiful buildings are found that were once renowned locales but now play host as some of the Best Hotels on Earth.  A few of these hotels were once private residences, others were famed castles and a few actually started out as hotels and with some great finesse have managed to remain suburb and exquisite places to stay.  Let's stroll through the history of a few of the most esteemed hotels in the world and see where they got their start.

Raffles Hotel Singapore
Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin
Once a fabulous hotel, always a fabulous hotel?  This isn't always the case.  But in some instances, hotels that were built a very long time ago still stand proud and offer impeccable service as well as outstanding amenities.  The Breakers Palm Beach in one such location.  Built back in 1896 and reconstructed in 1926, this 140 acre resort is reminiscent of a Renaissance palace.  The spectacular hotel situated in lovely Palm Beach has played host to many famed American celebrities including the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Andrew Carnegie and William Randolph Hearst.  A true iconic property with a chic setting and a very historic past.  Our next location is Raffles Hotel Singapore.  The resort was built in a colonial style back in 1887 with an extensive remodel in 1991.  It is luxurious enough for the Queen of England yet stylish enough for Hollywood great Glenn Close.  It houses a museum, a shopping area with high-end boutiques, beautiful gardens and let's not forget multiple restaurants, an outdoor pool and a revitalizing spa.  One step inside and guests will discover the charm and illustriousness that has lasted for years.  Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin is an elegant hotel that also has a storied past.  The original hotel was the most popular hotel in Europe through WWII and hosted guests like Charlie Chaplin.  The building was demolished, but after the Berlin Wall fell, it was lovingly rebuilt in the same location with similar charm.  Heavy drapes and four poster beds create an elegant feel that today still attracts A-list actors and important diplomats.  These three hotels are examples of how the past, when handled with care, can stay strong well into the future.   

Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski
The Ashford Castle
Our next two hotels also boast quite an amazing past.  Beginning their days as an imposing castle, these locations started off rather nobly, and have bloomed into hospitable hotels.  Ashford Castle is an Irish castle that seems to have manifested right from a child's fairy tale storybook.  The massive stone exterior towers, overlooking pristine grounds and a very impressive lake.  The first castle here was built back in the 13th century and has gone through many changes since.  In 1715 a French style chateau was added and in 1852 two Victorian wings were built.  All of this occured way before it got its start as a top-notch hotel.  The beautiful Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski located in remarkable Istanbul was formerly the palace of the Ottoman Sultan.  Today it captures the hearts and souls of its visitors and guest with a large manicured lawn, heated infinity pool and extensive dining options.  This grand hotel is ornate, historic and absolutely breathtaking.  Anyone that said castles were dark, dreary and damp, hasn't stayed in either of these fantastic hotels.  

The Plaza
The last hotel that has a famed past and a name that demands respect is The Plaza in New York City.  It started it's life as a residence for the very wealthy and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Vanderbilt were the first to sign up.  Today it has been the backdrop for many a wedding, ball, movie and book.  The Plaza is synonymous with elegance and luxury and has become somewhat of a 20th-century icon.  A stay here will showcase glorious interiors, stunning decor, unsurpassed service and amazing amenities.

An illustrious location is a status that many hotels and resorts can only dream about achieving.  WhatAHotel! is proud to partner up with a few of the most brilliant hotels in the world.  When booking your stay with us, guests will be thrilled to receive complimentary exclusive perks and benefits that will ensure your stay is truly remarkable.  Whether these hotels got their start as a castle or a home for the rich, today they stand proud and welcome guests into their coveted halls, daring you to experience a stay more splendid anywhere else.         

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