Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Posada de Mike Rapu

Famed Easter Island Statues

explora en Rapa_Nui, Posada de Mike
Relish in Exclusive Complimentary Perks at a favorite Chilean vacation destination, Easter Island, when you book your stay at the Explora en Rapa Nui, Posada de Mike across WhataHotel!.  This lodge was the very first LEED certified hotel in South America, built on 23.7 acres of land on a hill in the Te Miro Oone area.  It overlooks the ocean and is less than 5 miles from the most populated part of this intriguing island.  Get ready to experience the mystery of the island, as well as the enigmatic culture that still remains today, when you visit this remote tropical locale.

Luxurious Bedroom
Cozy Common Areas
Relaxing Poolside
Being a LEED Certified hotel means that Posada de Mike Rapu has a minimal impact on its surroundings.  The actual site of the hotel was selected because of it's inability to be used for agriculture and for the fact that it has no archaeological significance.  Posada de Mike Rapu opened its doors in December 2007 and features a retreat filled with luxury.  Stay in one of the 30 rooms that present breathtaking views of the ocean and are designed for a quiet and intimate stay.  Pine wood and warm-colored concrete are used in the decor and to ensure your time here is completely relaxing, the rooms are television free.   All of the central indoor spaces are welcoming and stylish while integrating aspects from the local culture to give the hotel an authentic feel.  Guests can enjoy the beautiful swimming pool, a solar-heated Jacuzzi and a fabulous poolside bar or plan a treatment at Hare Taheta, located next to the pool area, for a therapeutic massage and a bit of relaxation.  There is also a lovely lodge shop where you can purchase special clothing, exploring gear, books, jewelry and handmade gifts.  When hunger strikes, visit the hotel restaurant for elegant meals with original flavors and only the best quality ingredients.  These healthy meals are perfect for those heading out for a trek or exploration of this exciting island.  

Contemporary Design
When booking your travel to Easter Island with WhataHotel!, guests can enjoy Exclusive Complimentary Perks that are impressive.  These perks include available upgrades, a unique gift from Eastern Island Artisan and a bottle of lovely Chilean wine.  Alongside the all-inclusive amenities and spectacular service found here, these perks are sure to create a spectacular vacation.  Visit the ancient faces that seem to haunt the landscape of Easter Island, explore the gorgeous rough terrain and hear fascinating historical stories during your time at Posada de Mike Rapu.  This is sure to be the trip of a lifetime, and with a stay in a hotel that will pamper and please, completely unforgettable.                


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