Thursday, November 15, 2018

Around the World Private Jet Trips

Lorraine Travel, a Four Seasons Preferred Partner agency owns Lorraine Travel also hosts a site; AllJetSetters, where we feature luxury private jet trips that cross continents or dive deep into countries. Lorraine Travel considers itself a pioneer in luxury private jet trips except that our trips were on the British Airways Concorde and included celebrity hosts

Being a full service travel management company, we are a one-stop shop to all of the world's best brands that offer exclusive private jet trips. These include The Smithsonian, National Geographic, TCS, Four Seasons and even Crystal Cruises that offers Air Cruises on a tricked out Boeing 777.

On these luxury private chat trips, you won’t have inconveniences of long security lines or being  nickeled and dimed for baggage. It's also quite likely your fellow passengers won't be sporting flip-flops and pajama bottoms.